The future of retail at your fingertips

We are the future of retail

Omnichannel will be the future of retail. A fluent experience wheren online and offline are a perfect blend. Each strengthening eachother in a practical way that ads valuefor the customer.

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Native app

Omnic offers a easy to manage ios and android app. You need to be present in the local store. Your customers smartphone is the perfect gateway.

Web app

In retail a webshop is 1. Having a web app is the future. Progressive web apps are the next big thing. We offer 2 experiences. Instore and a normal away from the store experience.

Tablet app

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all super easy to manage.

Retailing is about knowing your clients futures wishes

The right offer at the right time
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The right information at the right time
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The right service at the right time
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Features of the future

  • Tons of pre-made sections
  • Complete CMS integration
  • Stellar after-sales support

Many are experiencing the future

Experience the future of retail yourself by visiting one of our many clients througout the netherlands. See for yourself.

Meet Our Customers
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Super easy to implement

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Final thing to do

The future is there to grab

We our on a mission to make omnichannel experience accesable for everybody.
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Surprise offline customers with the best online experience